I find the process of writing punishing. I might have an idea, but the good part is when I'm done writing, and can either post it or schedule it to be posted.

I've always wanted to write longer things, but that means sitting down to write without being able to be done at the end. What used to be merely unpleasant, is now intolerably bad. The experience isn't rewarding to me anymore.

But I want to write longer things for a reason. I want to contribute to internet permaculture. I want to write things that stand up to time. Almost nothing here is timely, or references my personal life all that much. My topics are intentional – that's my real aesthetic. And the things I've written I've mulled over, outlined, edited, re-edited, and shared... I've always liked those best. And yet, that's not what I usually do, because, well, it's not as fun.

I've been thinking about treating this more seriously, so I can get more out of writing. Setting aside time. Making outlines. Doing what I think it'll take for me to develop as a writer.

But that means, probably, leaving this domain and style behind.

I don't know what I'll do yet, but this seems like the type of thing I should do.