When you don't know how to do something important, ask for help! That's always a good first step. It's normally a good idea to ask people who've done better than you at what you're trying.

Make sure to maintain your responsibilities, and perfect whatever crafts and obligations you can. Many important problems can be solved sideways – don't let your craft distract you, but understand that making trade-offs when you don't even know what it'll take to get what you want... well, it stinks.

Be kind to people – not just because you've been asking them for help. Helping other people grinds the lens with which you see the world, sharpens your vision, and warms the muscles you need to accomplish almost all useful things. It's tiring work – it should be! That's how you know you'll be ready for the challenges you're looking for.

Try more silly things. If the obvious things worked you'd have figured it out by now, and you'd be surprised how much distaste for silliness is self-inflicted. If you can do something important, you'll find people might even think you're clever for doing it in a silly way – better to be swift and obvious for most important things, never needing the stranger ideas, but being seen as clever is fine.

And, if possible, understand many people don't do the important thing you're attempting. Surely we aren't so proud as to think failure is unique? And just keep going.