Is it just me or is the dark web pretty boring? Buying drugs and such seems to work for at least some of the people that try it, but I've made the (obvious) guess that all the completely insane stuff you hear about (like the assassins that silly reporters keep suggesting exist) are all feds. Noble work by the feds, making sure idiots trying to put a hit out on someone are thwarted – but sort of boring for us normal people who don't care if morons are catfished by cops.

As devoid of interesting stuff as the dark web is, with their hidden servers and strange browser plugins, I'd like to make the pitch for the "Dim Web", which is just the normal internet that you can't access without creating an account somewhere. This means it won't show up in Google results, and if you take some other steps, you can actually (sort of) start developing trust with the people you meet there.

Online conversation loses many of the side-channels of real conversation. So many important things become way too invasive to ask about. Posture, tone, knowing how much attention someone is paying to you, and seeing how they really feel, even if they try to say something else. If I'm on a forum with someone else, I can't ask them to walk to the corner store with me while we chat. There's hardly anything we can do, beyond an almost brutally minimal text communication.

Which is why establishing identity is so important. It brings continuity, and that lets you start inferring things about someone. Readers of the words here at NeverTired may not be able to tell if I'm down in the dumps, but you can tell when I'm desperately pulling nonsense out of my butt to make sure I write a post for the day. And that's not nothing – you get a sense of what's normal and what's abnormal, and maybe you can imagine how I think. We should want to build that strange web of details we get in person. I'll try to make my writing true enough to myself that this, generally, gives you an idea of who I am, and not just who I'd like to be. Being able to see the difference between those two things is important too, and not something that general, public- or semi-public-internet does well.

I might even have a space here for more honest discussion of my long term goals and my progress towards them. That's something the public internet is bad at, but even subreddits like /r/loseit can do okay. There are minor privacy concerns, but I think I can find a way to make this make sense.