So, I'd like to start by saying, I'm not the first one to connect these dots – if you look at the discussions here and here the many people who say there's a connection between Deja Vu and vertigo are saying they're both the result of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. That's pretty interesting to me, because I've only had deja vu a very few times in my life, but in roughly four cases I too noticed this link.

So, of course I checked with The Great Wikipedia, and it's true – temporal lobe epilepsy causes deja vu. Your brain is experiencing something right now and the temporal lobe freaks out and sends incredibly strong signals it is happening in the past.

There are even drugs which can increase the likelihood of deja vu, but because recreational drug use is, fundamentally, boring, there isn't a recreational drug people use to feel deja vu.

Vertigo in particular is interesting because it is, as far as I can wildly guess, roughly in line with "the feeling of your brain not quite being able to handle things" – not too dissimilar to lightheadedness. So if it's just a glitch, that would make sense – it's linked to things that co-occur with minor glitches.

I'm curious about more of these tiny moments of lived experiences. I think we need a better and more complex vocabulary to describe how we feel these days – it's a strange world, and talking about it helps.