Hi! I'm an internationally known relationship expert, and I'm here to tell you there's one simple trick to make sure to attract the attention of people you want, and make them want you. You can start a real attraction that will have them devote themselves to you, forever.

It's important that you don't do anything to improve yourself or find someone who might actually like you. That's all BULLSHIT. And make sure you're ready to force someone to like you, because that's REAL MANLY DOMINANCE / TRUE LOVE [delete as appropriate].

What's this secret, you may ask?


That's what creates the pull between you and the person you want. They can't keep their eyes off you, because their eyes are also made of magnets. When you pull them close, they won't slip away – because magnets get stuck like that, due to MAGNETIC FIELD LINE CONSERVATION and INVERSE SQUARE LAWS.

It's simple math: you'd never be lonely again if you strapped an MRI machine to your back and went to the sleaziest club you could imagine. All their flaws will be fixed when your electromagnet makes them devoted and caring lovers who are excellent at kissing.

If you want a broad attraction, just wear one giant magnet. If you want to keep your current partner close, wear many opposite polarity magnets arranged in an alternating pattern, which dilute the long-distance magnetic effects in favor of a strong local field, a la fridge magnets (here's a visualization).

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