It's very strange that the only sector of government response to the pandemic that's been good at all has been the Fed's. It's a pandemic, but the CDC and the FDA are actively making things worse at every step. The federal support for emergency supplies has been non-existent. There's no functional test and trace going on beyond a few states. Lockdown orders are so poorly crafted that they're routinely being violated and deaths appear to have reached a steady-state catastrophe. People are sick, maybe half a million more each day. People are dying.

But the economy has been the focus of all the congressional effort, and along with the Fed, the stock and bond markets are doing okay. Tens of millions of people are barred from being useful to humanity, no longer have the resources to provide for themselves or for their families – but the dang Fed response was so comprehensive that the massive punishment we're going through is muted. As silly as it is, people think the stock market is the economy, and have failed to take in the magnitude of the governmental failures.

The private response has been largely good, when testing isn't stopped by the government, for instance. And (most) people have been as cautious and patient as you could reasonably ask.

But this distribution seems odd. Normal people are suffering a lot but doing essentially the right thing as best they can, politicians are (seemingly) not at substantial risk of losing their jobs (ironically, holding an office of power right now might be the most stable form of employment), despite them doing terribly stupid, selfish, and dangerous things like delaying or forbidding human challenge trials, and the Fed (which isn't elected at all) has covered their mistake as best they can, which is not really all that much, but if people with authority won't actually help people avoid being sick I guess it's a good plan G (A-F having clearly been rejected).

If you vote for an incumbent this November, in any race at all, seriously square yourself with the incentives you'll create. No one, right or left, will care about whether you live or die, if they get to keep their jobs either way. People are dying, but dollars are doing okay. If that's what you want from government, vote for the incumbent.