An exhaustive search for competence in the American government would not end frustrated. There are good, honest, and effective people in federal state, and local governments. But there aren't an infinite supply.

We need effective action for important things. Pandemic response is, as we are seeing, important. Law enforcement is important, and as many reasonable complaints we may currently have, our mettle isn't tested, because there isn't much crime and America is currently on easy street. But it's important.

And we've exhausted that state capacity for many government programs. The California high speed rail project being shut down is as plain an admission of that as I've ever seen. When we hear roughly one third of Medicare spending is on fraud, I think it's safe to say we've exhausted state capacity there as well.

Doing things well is important. Essential. America needs a smaller, more focused government, to make sure that the important things are done well, before anyone gets anything they might want. The future of the republic might be at stake, if these important things can't be done well.