When you air dry laundry, does the air or the sun dry it more? What's the optimal distance between items, depending on weather?

Do language standardization efforts reduce complexity, or shift it from formalisms to scope i.e. simpler grammar but larger vocabulary?

Do people persistently under-use flashcards or are the marginal benefits of knowing things persistently over-estimated by the people that use flashcards? Where would we expect the most Type I errors of flash card use? Type II errors? Why would false negatives seem so much more common, and what level of endorsement of flashcards minimizes a cost-adjusted error rate?

What sports are most open to beginners, and how much should we encourage more dedication to physical fitness among people who don't care much about physical fitness? I see a persistent gap where "fitness people" invest a lot in less-than-fun tasks – paying a high cost for results they desire – but people that care less invest nothing, where it seems obvious to me a less steep cliff would benefit everyone.

It seems the ideal structure of tutelage is being as self-taught as possible and using an expert for designing the self-study system and giving feedback on partial results. Why is this exceptionally rare, not just for public school teachers, but for private school teachers and even tutors?

Clearly articulating your own needs seems like an invaluable skill in business (requirements documents can be the difference between permanent problems and solutions), as well as in interpersonal relationships. How come we are so ill-practiced at it, there's little great advice, and there is frequently strange stigma around it, even if, when people have been clear with us, we've almost always appreciated it?

Googling questions about e.g. how different sleep positions make my arms fall asleep on unusually hard beds, leads to almost universally terrifying medical warnings. It seems... unlikely... that what's happening is dangerous, and so it seems there should be an option for people who are willing to disclaim whatever legal liability is driving this, in order to get less-stressful and more-useful search results. Why isn't there a better known low-anxiety medical answers destination?

Will live-translating apps reduce the pressure on language learning tools to claim you can learn a language in six hours? Will the patently unserious people be redirected to the new product category, or will learning a language be an even more ostentatious waste of time that confers more status due to the higher frivolity?