I've heard people casually claiming, oh well, after this pandemic, we'll be very prepared for the next one, but the ten or twelve other major disasters will find us in the same place – massively under-prepared, even though we know what it would take to get through them, and the costs of having those plans ready for the disaster is quite minimal.

But I have no idea why people say this.

Nothing about this response makes me think that pandemic early warning and response will be a priority. I predict long-term pandemic risk may actually go up in the short term as people assume this lockdown is a thing that may just sometimes be required of them, so they ignore any sensible precaution.

The American governmental response has been bizarrely focused on the economics of this, as if the economy is just coincidentally running slow and the pandemic is just an uncontrollable exogenous factor. To be clear: that's not the case. Leadership has failed you. This is completely controlled in Taiwan, no lockdown, no pandemic, just reasonable restrictions on extremely crowded places until the vaccine is created, approved, and distributed.

There is no indication that there is any coherent response, and no sane human should anticipate this will get more involved when the crisis is over.

It would not surprise me if there is a second pandemic this decade, again hitting America completely unprepared. There is no regret from politicians, no serious grasp of how this happened or how they could have done better. There will be no support group for their failure, and they don't seem to feel any shame. I've not received an apology, at least, and we know that if they did their jobs, like the Taiwanese government did, this crisis would hardly be a disruption at all.