I think it's clear I'm always available to you, as a writer is to readers. It's a strange thing, to be sure, but here I am.

Ideally, you'd want to spend your time reading this because it's more pleasant than another marginal minute spent on e.g. hearing about politicians doing bad things, and helps you be a better person anyway.

We could create a set of social norms around what we think helps us be better, and because it asks so little (more of me than you, of course), it wouldn't be the only system we used, small mistakes are fine. We'd just be trying our best, which I think is good enough to support a whole real community, even if it were the total system – because of how much I blatantly copy from long-running communities' ethical systems.

But I'd like to spend a couple days exploring this metaphor, where it's excellent, and where it breaks down. I think good community standards are absolutely critical at this moment (particularly in America, which is seeing some of the consequences of skipping that step).

In the very-probably-apocryphal words of Martin Luther: "If I knew that tomorrow was the end of the world, I would plant an apple tree today!"

And apples back then tasted like trash if you grew them that way. We should all have that kind of vigor for this type of investment in each other.