When I watch a movie, or TV, or a video on YouTube, that's the thing I'm doing. I don't put it in my calendar, but maybe I should. I'm on the clock. Not just in the sense that time is passing, but because I'm trying to do something. I'm trying to enjoy a piece of art.

I say this only because there's a lot of people who seem to dislike things they experience. Or see themselves as judges of culture. I can't definitively say that's bad – everyone lives different lives, and trust your lived experience. But I can talk about what works for me.

I take time to ask people what specifically they like about something, the way it makes them feel, what the art attempts and how to be a good audience for it. I was frustrated for years by my lack of ability to appreciate Star Trek: The Next Generation. I eventually found The Orville, and that helped me appreciate the tone and appeal. What a fantastic way to be able to share the enjoyment of something that's inspired more delight in so many! I cannot overstate how helpful the (not overbearing) humor was in getting me in the frame of mind needed to appreciate the rest of the art.

If you don't like something, you can just stop. That's the only reasonable thing to do, at some point. But always, when you're spending time on entertainment, remember why you are. And cultivate the delight you want to experience.