I predict that on (or possibly after) the 15th of April the James Webb Space Telescope will be delayed, by at least six months (if not more than a year), nominally because of COVID-19, but also due to that fact that the original launch was scheduled for 2007, and only an utter moron would trust any launch date they give – they likely won't even be able to launch before 2022.

Forbes should be ashamed to write pieces with headlines like, "In Exactly A Year Our Knowledge Of The Cosmos Will Change Forever. This Is The $10 Billion Reason" when the budget proposal was 20x lower cost, and the timeline has been smashed to bits more times than a reasonable person could remember. It makes no sense to ignore the lies about cost and time. Their usage of the word "exactly" beggars belief. The article bafflingly gets the metric expansion of the universe wrong, as well as saying looking billions of years into the past will give us pictures of Kuiper Belt objects, which I have no explanation for.

If you dislike governments lying to you and wasting your money while never getting around to doing something of value for you, NASA isn't the biggest problem. But it is the purest problem I can find in the American government. It is a disaster on a scale that few can match, and so perfectly unmitigated that I can hardly comprehend why this would remain a priority after a pandemic.