I feel sorry for people who enjoy The Kingkiller Chronicles, or A Song of Ice and Fire. They're frustrated that these massive works of art have seen their updates slow to a crawl, and are worried that the carefully crafted and beloved stories will be (intentionally or unintentionally) abandoned.

I feel sorry for them because they've been missing out on the wonderful world of fanfiction, which is frequently terrible, but excellent often enough to fill all your reading time if you let it. And if you like fanfiction, you'd already know how it feels to have a beloved work of art be abandoned, and you'd have built up an emotional immunity to it already.

For example, I strongly recommend Horry Patter and the Philologer's Stone. It's spent two years in stasis (after a half year of regular updates), although the author occasionally claims they'll return to it. It's got the most fascinatingly psychedelic premise of maybe any book I've ever read, and is nearly beyond description, except to say: it's sort of Harry Potter fanfiction.

Some other examples of web-fiction that will never be polished to their author's satisfaction: The Dark Wizard of Donkerk, which is complete and excellent, probably in my top 3 favorite books of all time. But the author insists it's not done. I mean, I guess he's right? If there's more he wants to change, he can. No progress has been made since 2016, though.

BeaconHill's Nemesis just went a year without any update. It was fun and had some interesting ideas, and was a delight to read.

And there are plenty of others. I am very close to just waiting for fiction to be complete before I start, but the stories I'm currently enjoying (notably, Harry Potter and the Prince of Slytherin and Worth the Candle, which is original fiction) are just too good to stop.