So, I was scrolling through the list of people who declared they were running for the Democratic nomination for President in 2020, as you do. It's quite the crowd, with a shocking number of completely boring people.

I just tune out the sort of boring former marines who try to make government-registered cybersecurity apprenticeships (this will never be a thing) – particularly when they pointedly refuse to take a stand on e.g. the trans-pacific partnership, which is, when talking about economic issues with an international relations / national defense implication, a much, much more important topic (that's Seth Moulton, who's perhaps best known for very publicly and recently arguing that civilians shouldn't be able to own a M4 carbine – which, it turns out, was already made illegal in 1986).

I don't need to think deeply on the boring congressperson claiming we need emotional learning in our schools – just buy his book on how great meditation is (Tim Ryan's publication is available for 99 cents on kindle)! When you sound like you're running for mayor of a small to medium sized town, maybe you should run for that office.

I'm particularly tickled that the person who made pizza count as a serving of vegetables is running. Don't worry, it wasn't momentary insanity – it was a handout to a mega-corporation (one close to Amy Klobuchar, of course, random corporate handouts wouldn't do)!

Gov. Jay Inslee is running what appears to be a single issue campaign, making statements about climate change that might not be technically true – but his heart is in the right place. Well, not the right place, really, because he should probably continue his current job, where he's stopping the state from killing people, which actually does some good.

But the one candidate that did sort of surprise me is that one of the Democrats running used to be a libertarian. Now, he wasn't a good libertarian – he wants the federal government to pay for all college education, a plan more bananas than anything else I've heard lately. When the price of something skyrockets, the last thing you want to do is write a blank check for anyone who wants to buy it. It's not just the cost of that program being ruinous, it's that it makes the problem much, much worse, and benefits no one except the sellers.

So, he's a "libertarian" – one that couldn't get support of that party, for relatively clear reasons – who... wants to run for president as a Democrat, again. At least his support for single-payer health insurance won't make him look like a total idiot (I don't want to harp on this, but what was this guy smoking when he thought he was a libertarian?). And his chances are pretty slim – he hasn't got anything notable done, or taken any interesting positions, for a Democrat.

But he's out there, running. He didn't succeed before, and he's unlikely to now, and I don't see why anyone he doesn't know personally would support him. But that's politics in 2019 – we don't get the candidates we want or need, just the ones power hungry enough to visit all those boring diners needed to actually win.