With all we know about cigarettes, how dangerous smoking can be, and how difficult it can be to quit, it takes a certain derangement to identify a flavoring as the dangerous element. So dangerous it can't just be taxed, it can't be age-restricted, it can't have its labeling changed to reflect the danger, it must be banned outright. The flavoring. Not, ya know, the part that kills you or makes you addicted – that's fine. Just the minty part.

I will say, as someone who hasn't ever smoked, and finds myself in the company of people who do, I'd prefer we mandate flavorings on cigarettes and e-cigs. I really hate the smell of some of that stuff, and vaping is frequently elevated to obnoxious levels, but if it smells like mint or mango or something then at least I'm not bothered.

Because everything else is volunteered for. There is a public nuisance, a tragedy of the commons, an externality that isn't accounted for, aside from the secondhand smoke. It's the smell.

Cigarettes aren't nearly as bad as marijuana, which is positively noxious, but it's all the same, really. You sign up for the direct effect. Secondhand smoke is a public health concern. And the smell is the public nuisance.

When even law enforcement is advocating for keeping something legal, we should all pause. This is unusually cruel (given how specific cigarette addiction can be), and for no benefit to the public that wouldn't be achieved by just waiting for vaping as a fad to disappear.