I've been thinking quite a bit lately about the usage of AI in modern systems. Why are impressive feats piling up, including text generation which is hardly distinguishable from human, without it massively disrupting the economy? I essentially only produce text – or, at least, there are ways of doing my profession that boil down to text output. The current models couldn't do it yet, but surely there's something that would be amenable to those approaches, right?

What if there isn't?

Are we under-estimating the value of the last bit of accuracy? Why can't something pretty good be more easily converted to market value? I'm convinced that content farms using AIs are essentially trying to monetize pollution in the information age. But is that just because AIs write things that are of low quality? Or are we really paying for the insurance that, if something is wrong, someone can fix it and learn?

What happens when the machines can learn too?