It's probably best to begin reading this with a more recently refreshed memory of how terrible collectivism is. It has a real, disgusting cost, even though it trades on in-group sentiment, our very communities and togetherness turned to ill purpose. We ought to be helped, and, in many ways, defined by our communities of choice. But this nonsense has gone on far too long. We can no longer pretend we can't understand and empathize with each other.

Look, if you enjoy football, I'm not in your tribe. It's unlikely either of us will change, and you ought to indulge as much as you like. But even if I didn't see the appeal, we'd never be separated from each other. There would be no wide chasm between us. Perhaps a little understanding could be better, but we're all human. There's no love in your heart that I would find alien to me. Just because we don't share something, doesn't mean that thing divides us.

I cannot express the sorrow I've been feeling when I heard Joe Biden say he believes white and black America should not share a justice system. That black victims require black judges and white judges require only white victims. I fear that perhaps everything about the way he looks at the world has been corrupted and turned to ash, if he has given up understanding others because of their race. That he thinks it is impossible for any white person to understand... my heart cannot dwell in this sadness much longer.

We should always reach out with understanding... we aren't so different from each other, truly. There are people who speak different languages we can still understand and empathize with, people from truly different cultures. We can empathize with people who do not even exist! Who hasn't in the course of reading, empathized with an alien? Does Joe Biden's sense of humanity encompass so few people, truly? And why would he use race to say some people's problems are beyond his ability to comprehend or empathize with. A person came to him, describing a problem, and to this day, he says he could not listen, because of that?

If America hears his remarks and thinks that attitude is okay, we are all truly lost. I have re-listened to his remarks, just in the first minutes of that video, over and over, and I cannot understand what drove him to that sentiment. If he was corrupt and careless with Anita Hill, let him bear that burden, and not use race as a way to further divide a country that truly has no need for a person like him ever again in public office.

Of course, I strongly suspect that Biden is simply lying, attempting to deflect blame for his past behavior in a way others will accept, as it casts him in a (dispersed and deflected) bad light. Either way, I am not impressed, but if he's merely attempting to pander to people too loud to be mocked within the Democratic primary, at least he isn't driven by his hopes for white nationalism (or something – saying 'white guys' cannot preside over discussions of a black woman's troubles, and presumably are only fit for review of white people's troubles, seems as clear an endorsement of white nationalism I can imagine – yet, while I find this idea disgusting, no one else seems to report on it as such).