It just came out, and you know how weirdly pressurized pop culture is. I waited just a few months to watch a season of Stranger Things and man, everyone seemed pretty over it by then.

But in the spirit of saying something, while people care, as a follow-up to my previous discussion of the faux-cyberpunk aesthetic of Altered Carbon: season 2 definitely seems like it isn't a Western. But maybe it's a romance?

I don't that's a particularly interesting take, considering almost all of the plotting and characterization is done through the lens of love. Love for someone you knew and committed yourself to long ago, to your spouse, to a brother, to your child, to your parent, to your mentor or disciple, or even to a friend that helped you find meaning but is losing their own. It's not about what-can-you-do-for-me, for the most part. This season of television is largely defined by how people interact with those they love.

It's not particularly romantic, though. I will say, it's still not super cyber-punk. There is a bit of exploration of the tech and sci-fi trappings, but is it just me or would this seem deeply muddled if it was going for that aesthetic?

I'd say it's pretty good, though. It's different than the first season, and supplies a solid continuation of the story.