Even with the explosion of more exotic terms lately, I feel like my sexuality is not described precisely my the sexual preference options I see out there.

So, only for myself, I am adopting these terms (and because it's my lived experience, you can't deny my identity and who I am is valid no matter what you say – I think that's the incantation to stop mob pile-ons):

Currently, I am Single. This sexuality is one where I am interested in a subset of the people I meet socially. Sometimes I am In A Relationship. This is similar to asexuality, except I am actually very attracted to one person I know quite well – but my preference could return to Single. Eventually, I will be Married. That's functionally similar to In A Relationship, but it has this BDSM-esque constraint where it's permanent. Highly kinky to be so structured, but ya know, I'm glad I can finally be open about this.

So, I apologize for the baroque 3-part sexual imagining, I know the esoterics of modern romance can be off-putting to older generations that don't understand. But this 3-part system, while seeming to require less than 2 bits of information, actually massively constrains who you would predict I would be interested in. Compare e.g. "lesbian" – interested in women? Pshaw, there are literally billions of women. I've gained barely one bit of preference-narrowing, and feel I hardly know you at all! But "in a relationship" provides ~33 bits of specificity! And yet it's (weirdly) fully general, so it doesn't have to be a totally personalized sexuality. It scales to anyone who wants to use it.

And while I'm not attracted to most people while single, I can emphatically say I've never been anything other than flattered when man, woman, or other has expressed interest. I even had a male, married person once express interest in me coupling with his wife – while I was eager to decline, I wished them well. I feel like it's important to be completely open (conversationally) to potential partners, and certainly accepting of all sexualities. I hope you can extend me the same courtesy.