Sometimes I play the classic game, "that's the name of my new Indie band". I've started putting them in the subtitle for the blog, but those turnover and get lost forever. Here are some of my recent plays:

Winter Waters

Forbidden Qi

Regulated Zen

Riding Under Horsebelly


[Ford] Pinto (Bean) Rear Explosion

Smells Don't Last Forever

Paradox Quadrant

Reminder Refusal


My Bathroom Is A Disaster

A Better Career

The Dog's Pointer

Slippery Sweetener

My Cow Is A Boy At Heart

Turtle Giveaway

Flat Roof Fiasco

Bottle Closer and the Uncommon Tools

Changing The Number Two Pencil Standard

Honey Blue

Happiness Liars

Chatterbox Child

Keyboard Kryptonite

Power Line Politics

The Crow's Orientation

Party People and the Jim Barnes

Westward Crawl

Bomb Voyage

Hesitate Hexagon

The Dark Compass

Opening Set and the Cover Band

Paper Plate Mail

Hear the Ringing

Automatic Autograph

Peephole Privacy

Obelisk to Utility

Basis For Complaint

Inverted Controls

The Fire's Place

The Countered Diagonal

Community Pill

Friendly Fractal

Dust Destiny

Wolfram Cage

The Pocket's Final Protector

Your Health Concern and the Persistent Problems

Ten Meter Cube and the Million Liters

Picante Pirate

Midnight Air and the Fresh Cups

Noodle Alert

Stele, Refined