I've been delaying the victory lap on this one, but why not: I was completely correct that NASA was lying to the American public about the James Webb Space Telescope.

They claimed, completely absurdly, that, even though they were going into lockdown and limiting how many people could work on the project simultaneously, it wouldn't impact their launch date, which was, at the time, about a year out.

Well, their obstinate attitude has not shielded them from reality forever, because despite me thinking they'd confront the truth quickly, I got everything else right. They pushed it back more than six months.

So, like a good observer of the world, I try to learn from the extremely tiny mistake I made, so remember, in the future: just because a group says it's full of scientists, doesn't mean they won't be in complete denial of reality, it doesn't mean they won't lie to you, and it doesn't mean their work will be informed by reality. If I was more cautious in my goodwill extended to them (again, I was saying it was an obscene boondoggle, so I wasn't heaping love on the organization), I would have been more accurate.