A terrible shooting happens. Maybe the video is on Facebook. Maybe Facebook also has the manifesto. People start talking about regulating Facebook more, because people used to mail their manifestos to the news agencies. I propose a compromise: the internet remains free and open to all, but if you want to share a manifesto we make you lick a stamp at home. That way, the costs and limits of the past are preserved. For some reason people will choose to read publications that care about those manifestos, but that's never made sense.

If young people are more and more concerned about businesses scooping up all the wealth, why don't more of them start businesses? If they don't want money, why do they care if they get less of it?

Why do people seem to think the prestige of a veteran corresponds to their deployment? I feel like I heard this all the time, with various "support our troops" sentiments. It's not like the soldiers decided which conflict they'd be in. I don't think ill of any Iraq or Vietnam veterans, as much as I think those conflicts were ill-conceived. And I'm skeptical of the "Greatest Generation" pitch unless you actually drew up the plans to stop Hitler. Soldiers don't choose the orders given to them. Let's stop pretending that getting a heroic duty somehow has something to do with the content of their character – and make sure no one thinks getting a lackluster tour of duty reflects on a soldier at all.

Can events in a dream wake you up? Or is it that you wake up and the last thing you remember from a dream was e.g. a loud noise, so you make a false inference? Or is it that a real life loud noise woke you up, and you protected that sound into the dream as it ended? Is this a common experience?

Why do so many cities have rent control? Is this purely a failure of scholarship or is there a political economy being served here – one that disadvantages poor people, but rewards... people who don't move often, but also don't care about maintenance?

What would be the cost to establishing a small nation state, and why is it that private actors so rarely try? The regulatory benefits could be quite substantial, aside from the status perks. It seems plainly obvious to me that a dictator certainly could run a country more effectively than many countries are factually run, despite the obvious observation they so rarely choose to do so. If we're getting private moon missions and private missions to Mars are coming, certainly we could get private missions to overthrow bad 3rd world dictators, right?

Is there really no place for serious dating – dating for the specific purpose of finding someone to marry – in modern America? I heard this claim lately and it sounded far-fetched – this is still a plurality goal in modern dating, I think. But I can't really figure out what that place would be, so I'm not going to contradict them.

Is it just me or does the number 7 pop up a lot in fiction? Is there some reason it has story-telling oomph? A prime number just on the edge of human instinctual countability might lend itself to legends, and that certainly explains why e.g. "the seven seas" refers to many completely different groups of seas.