A lot of people simultaneously overestimate the value of having the candidate they vote for win, while underestimating the importance of generally competent government.

I sincerely don't understand the first one. It's clear as day to me that there's no point in voting for a candidate you don't like, because that will just make it so their party will never nominate someone you like. They don't need to, to get your vote. So tactical voting fails at being strategic, and people vote for nincompoops.

The second point, about competence, should be one of our watchwords. The pandemic is the only issue administrators can deal with, until it's solved. Congress has been taking breaks for weeks at a time, doing almost nothing to help arrest the spread of the virus.

One meaningful argument for smaller government is we need the government to be in charge of fewer things – if only so competent leaders can be allocated all of the leadership positions. We don't have all too many competent administrators, and this time, more than ever is in desperate need of people who are at least willing to adopt policies people have been advocating from the beginning.

Seriously, read the fantastic Stop Voting For Nincompoops I linked above. I cannot find any possible objection to the statements in there, and they were made many elections ago, and if we all took that advice, we wouldn't be in this situation. Can you imagine how bad things will get if you continue to refuse the advice?