Not at all. Have you seen CNN lately? Can we all stop pretending that critiquing them is some weird quazi-partisan hit-job? They're hacks, and have been for a while.

Even the stuff they brag about is insane – take this Washington Post reporting on how the chief news executive helped to cover up atrocities in Saddam-era Iraq. Dude was bragging about knowing terrible things were happening and deciding not to print them – not because they weren't newsworthy, but because Saddam was a brutal dictator. What's even the point of a news agency that decides to publish only pieces complimentary of a brutal regime? And yet he claims to have heard of these events while trying to make sure CNN had a Baghdad office. When a chief executive decides their relationship to abuses of power is that cowardly, they have failed in their duty as the fourth estate and should be immediately downgraded to the fun/entertainment/gossip category.

I can't even comprehend how you don't simply move your office outside the country and report from e.g. Jordan, so you can evacuate people safely. Was accent to stories – stories he wouldn't even run – so important that he was willing to endanger (and, in the end, sacrifice) the lives of so many people that helped them?

At the time of writing the front page of their business section links to a story about a failed prototype video game console selling at auction. I ask this with all due respect (which is: none for CNN's editorial staff and a reasonable amount for the author, Shannon Liao, whose specialty is reporting and video games for CNN, for some reason): who cares about this? Is this even business news? A person bought a thing. I suppose that counts as business? Or is the news that two companies tried to work together thirty years ago but didn't? Is that interesting?

The second most prominent story on their US politics page is that Trump turned how an invitation to have a St. Patrick's Day lunch with Pelosi. WHO CARES? This is essentially tabloid trash.

If you work at CNN and are trying to responsibly report important stories, I have terrible news: your work isn't getting posted to their website. Their television coverage seems saturated with "could the missing Malaysian Airlines flight have been sucked into a black hole?"-level stuff. If shame was motivating to these people surely they wouldn't need my commentary at all, so I will simply say: do not spend your time on their "news" product.