Let me say: I'm bored by his homosexuality. Most of the videos about him talk about little else. I heard someone apologize for not caring about this, saying it was a result of their privilege – but let's be real: it's a much more substantial luxury to care about personal details instead of policy or misconduct. If you care about him being gay because it's an ethical failure, (1) you're a moron, and (2) have you seen his opponents? A prominent opponent has endorsed, as recently as 2015, fabricating a false confession, and trying to frame someone, as Attorney General of California. Another poll-topper visited the U.S.S.R., gulags and all, and endorses socialism anyway. Their opponent across the aisle needs no description.

Which all raises the question: why are the major parties seemingly hell-bent on giving us terrible candidates? This is essentially why I've buckled and tried listening to Mayor Pete. People say he sounds like an actual human trying to help people. That seems likely. I think he's young enough that he has enough experience with internet trolls to run a campaign against Trump. He seems civilized enough, chooses what to care about, and if he's pushed into stupid discussions, I've only ever heard the stupid ones about his personal life (I'm very much not on board this strange obsession we have with candidates' spouses – if we can't use Constitutional powers to rein in their misdeeds they ought to be utterly marginalized). He seems to think Climate Change is the most important issue, which makes me deeply concerned about his numerical literacy – is there even a single climate report that suggests this, and where can I read it? As far as I can detect, if you take the median expert's projections, it's a relatively concerning problem – hyperbolic language and a culture of panic is precisely the type of thing to turn me off from an otherwise reasonable candidate.

But after having listened to him for a while, my only real takeaway is: he seems like a basically honest person, and is probably a halfway decent mayor. The only policy he seems willing to defend is his decision to not talk about policies. That's pretty cowardly, on the political stage, but I do support the idea of caring about principles and values first. It's sad to think, but maybe once you talk about policies people want you to stick to your promises instead of sticking to your values.

I'm not a Democrat, so I guess I was never his target demographic. But I've heard people who know my politics well recommend I listen to what he has to say. I guess they weren't wrong – it's possible the major parties won't get anyone any better. But we should seriously consider how poor our current system is, if that's the case.

It's also worth using this moment to say, I endorsed Dwayne Johnson for President in 2020, before the 2016 election, and I guess I don't have to rescind that until he officially says it's not happening? We should all be ashamed of where we are as a country. How did we get here, and why can't we escape?