If life were a classic role playing game, plenty of people will complain about the difficulty of tasks they haven't even rolled for yet. It has to be plausible enough to check, but that's it. It's all down to chance, and the odds reflect your preparation.

There are few difficult things that truly require a natural 20.

I notice sometimes a failure to achieve an outcome was really a failure of dice-roll-inputs. Of course I didn't get N people to read the thing I wrote, I only asked a few. Not enough chances to fail. In many ways I was doomed, and it was impossible to achieve success – that was visible in my failure to roll enough failures.

There are few things in the world where the only means of failure is rolling a natural 1, but it's worth saying that of course we ought to forgive each other for errors too. If 5% of the things here are bad, that is a truly stunning number of dumb or bad ideas. It's better to judge people either on balance, or based on what good they can do, as it's pretty easy to ignore dumb ideas.