Just kidding, of course. (Although, while it's still a good song that no normal person would object to, I did feel that strange cringe of sympathetic social anxiety while re-listening – I encourage you to listen and draw your own conclusions about how this could be used as kindling in the public burnings that have become sport for the vicious hyper-online – this song doesn't strike me as less innocuous than any of the things in Steven Pinker's latest cancelling attempt).

I mostly just wanted to say that, in these strange times, we should probably work to find exemplary elements of other people. Even for public figures, we should look almost entirely at their defining works (for private people, we shouldn't look at all, that's what private means). Unless you are relying on their judgment, actually working with them, or a law enforcement professional, fixating on the worst elements of somebody's life seems too harsh, and certainly pretty repellent when done for entertainment. Too much of this cultural movement has devolved into celebrity gossip with the facade of Important Discourse.

Cops should solve more crimes. I've been saying this for many, many years. Obviously that is true here too. America is not in need of vigilante forces – that's an observation and judgment based on reality, so I'll make sure to post again if that changes. I'm not trying to make the argument that, in no time or place is that called for. I'm just saying, this isn't the time, and America isn't the place. Every "True Crime" show that doesn't end with an arrest is a tragedy. Our discourse should grow to expect that of the people telling these stories for profit.