Obviously they shut down accounts of people, for all manner of reasons. One of those reasons, in practice, is about the content of the speech – they all removed Alex Jones after his repeated insistence that the grieving families of students killed in school shootings are actors paid to make people want to take away your guns. That opinion is protected from government interference, and so big tech companies have obviously taken a role in what conversations can occur on their platforms. Extremely odious ones, it seems, are banned.

Is this censorship? My instinct is that it isn't. This blog is on its own website, and it's unlikely anything less than the government could stop it from being published. I'm unaware of any laws I've broken, so it will likely remain. I have access to that full protection of law because the website is operated independently. Whoever you ask, I cannot be censored because of my speech here – though I hope nobody would want to.

I strongly recommend everyone do this! It's much better, and social media is not a good place for conversation. I've switched over to messaging apps completely, and there's a reason why the comment button here is just a link to email me (or, an account that forwards to me). Not everyone has their own website. It takes a bit of effort, not just to write something, but to have it be seen.

So the question isn't about being silenced per se – it's about access to low-effort high-engagement media. Colloquially, shit posting. People don't want to sit down and write a page or two about something. They want to fart out whatever nonsense they can babble and have a big company put it on someone else's screen.

When I write something here, I want it to be worth reading. I want it to reflect thoughts and feelings, to help people who might feel the same feel heard, in the way that we all feel when we see someone else being who we feel we might be. And if I want something read, that process is ultimately my responsibility, even if it's not entirely under my control.

If you want to use Facebook, Facebook gets to use you. They put ads next to your words and give you nothing. They use you to tempt others in. They use your attention as well. But if they don't want to use you, then find another way. You simply cannot think it's reasonable to demand they be your promotional tool.

The path of independence is harder, but it's more rewarding too. I have the space here to do what I want. But it means I don't get the social media self-serving viral spread, not nearly as easily. Make the trade-off you want, but don't complain you don't get everything you want all the time. It sounds quite silly, when I hear it.