Probably, but who can blame the universally despised (like neo-Nazis) from finding a group where ludicrous beliefs are treated only like a sideshow? No, this isn't going to be about Flat Earth nonsense, it's going to be about the humility we should have when we talk about groups we don't like.

As much as I dislike neo-Nazis (they've been number one on my dislike-list for more than a decade, so suck it Johnny Come Lately Nazi-dislikers – I've been disliking Nazis vocally and publicly before it was trendy), I think it's fair to say Nazis aren't the biggest problem in the Flat Earth movement. The roughly spherical shape of the Earth is their biggest problem. They're just wrong. I don't understand how having a bad community really matters in comparison to that.

If the worst thing you could say about Flat Earthers was that they seemed super racist and pro-Hitler, then let me be clear: the next thing you need to do is buy a raft for when global warming melts the ice-wall surrounding Earth. You've conceded that there may be something worth addressing beyond their argument – that whether they have credibility matters, or maybe even making the point, 'don't believe this because then you'll have to hang out with people who suck'.

Even if those points were true, it's far more respectful to respond to the arguments on a strict truth-basis. No invective. No status-tainting. No mocking or sneering. Just begin by saying, hop on skype with someone, and watch the sunset. If they live in a different place, they'll see the sun hidden behind land when you don't or vice versa (probably). How's that possible if the Earth is flat? There are maybe ten different ways to perceive the shape of Earth correctly (read: as basically-spherical) just using common household devices, your own memory, and a bit of common sense.

Am I making a terrible error, trying to correct people when I should be humiliating them? I suppose we never know the extent of our own errors, but this is the type of error I hope others make, when they need to correct me. And what better rule could I ask for us to share?