I know a lot of people worry about political division these days. It's not an absurd thing to worry about. Sometimes, I hear people worry about if it will tear the country apart. Every once in a while you hear comparisons to the beginnings of the Civil War (more divided than any time since the civil war etc. etc.).

Maybe, to save on tragedy, we should just split the country up. Everybody goes to their corner, gets a government they want, and has to pay a bit to keep the peace between them.

Except, we did that already. That's why it's called The United States. So the obvious correction is, let's place some rules down, rules almost impossible to change, that make it difficult to undo this fragmentation, to create a big terrible source of power people will fight over. Because it makes sense to fight, let's be clear. There is so much power in any government, the federal government of America by far outstripping all others in the world (save perhaps the Chinese government, which has dramatically fewer constraints on their power, but fewer resources and options to begin with).

Well, we did that too, try and set up procedural roadblocks to massive piles of power that would attract the worst behavior. Most of those attempts, in the Constitution, worked pretty well, but not the 10th amendment. It's basically ignored, and ignoring it caused this problem, in large part. Saying "don't ignore it" isn't a solution so much as a description of the problem.

I've got no solution, except to point out that the Libertarian party is the "break the wheel" option for those who don't want a revolving door of abuses of political enemies and temporary grabs at power over those that disagree with them. I like the wheel, I like society, I think things are essentially pretty good, but at the margin I think that's the direction we need to go in almost all individual elections.