Because of wealth, the expression of a vast plurality of values is done by each and every person. Flavored fizzy water makes my life better in a way that only several hundred things could.

If you want better diversity of values, stop trying to get people to vote for what they want. We have mechanisms where people just choose the thing they want, and then get it, and it's only barely something that excludes other things (you can't spend the same money more than once, but all money is fungible).

If we were poorer, we could only afford a few values. But I look at a world and see each and every person being a small universe of values. Perhaps that's strange or wrong, but it is what I see, and I can't help but think it makes us more robust to small perturbations. Since so few of those things are necessary, and money is fungible, we can make ourselves happy in many different ways.

During the lockdown, we've all had to find new ways forward. Find happiness in unexpected places. I hope you've done OK.