Now that I've written that we should be more open to the delight of both strangers and people we love, I'm Doing My Part by saying how.

For Strangers/Acquaintances: show up at a local social club, or help me organize one (in Taipei, for instance). Share a strange Wikipedia page you read. Mention something you read on my blog, and how you agree/disagree with it and why. Give me a fresh-picked wildflower. Say I'm looking stylish (but only if it's true, or true enough). Invite me to coffee or a meal – I think people don't eat in groups nearly enough, and I certainly don't.

For Friends/Family: anything strangers can do would delight me even more from you. But also, go in for a hug instead of a handshake – I might be surprised but I've always appreciated a hug. Offer a culture swap for something you love that you want to share.

Expect this page to change (primarily to add more things).