Root cause analysis is so useful it became a critical pillar of agile manufacturing and systems analysis – which made the 21st century possible. It is vitally important we learn as much as we can about how this global pandemic begun, and how to prevent something similar from happening in the future, and make the world safer.

But China has opposed any meaningful look into the origins of the virus, both within their borders and from groups outside. It seems quite likely to me that it originated in the labs in Wuhan studying these viruses, which had been criticized over the years for lax safety.

If it was just some random idiot importer, they would have let people investigate. But the initial outbreak happening three blocks away from the research institute investigating these precise viruses in a less-than-safe way would be the obvious place to check. I honestly don't think they know it was the lab. I think they don't want to know the answer. But the people who care about the lives that will be lost, we care.

Truth is important. Silencing the truth will always be wrong. But this isn't just about integrity, or about science and curiosity. It's about being able to experience a trauma, and look back and say, "Never Again".