I think there are temperamental balance issues in modern society, perhaps. Too many people are too cautious to celebrate as much as events warrant. I'm one of them, to be sure – I try to make a special note to celebrate more, otherwise I might not at all.

But things are quite good almost all the time now, and lots of people like celebrations. So I'm out of place, maybe? Not alone, certainly, not by a long shot, but not really tuned for modern hyper-abundance unless there's some type of zombie apocalypse.

Slate Star Codex has written about a thrive-survive human preference split – this is (as far as I can tell) precisely what I mean and observe. There is a perverse irony that modern capitalism seems to encourage thrift, patience, trust-worthiness, diligence, and supplying services when demand is greatest instead of consuming them – which is to say, people optimized to thrive don't actually thrive as well as those optimized to survive.

I'm not the first person to observe that fantastic feasts and over-indulgent pleasure-seeking has gone very solidly over the rails. Even a hundred years ago you could be a basically productive person while indulging those temptations to your maximum ability, but that doesn't seem to be the case any longer. These days you can be completely destroyed by those temptations, and we aren't anywhere near done making even more tempting things.

Really, I think the thing to do is have more cross-preference close friendships. I should find a close friend I can give financial advice to (which would help them dramatically – although any but the closest of friends would ignore advice that personal), and they push me to host more parties (which they would, of course, attend). This isn't meant to be an amazing insight, just a single instance of where diversity helps – but it's an important instance, one that I think is easily overlooked, and vitally important in an increasingly strange society dealing with inequality, wealth, loneliness, atomized online dating, etc. etc.