I'm concerned that anticipation for risky creative projects sets my expectations too high. I start creating a specific thing in my mind, and that will have all the aspects I'm looking for, or at least enough of them to fool me into thinking my imagined version is good.

I'm not sure I can even help it.

But the real thing has to please a lot of people, and has constraints of time and budget. Even if it was commissioned with me as their sole audience, they'd find practicalities and problems my imagination never has to grapple with. The project would drift into the more realistic version of itself, perhaps.

The more I imagine about something, the less chance it has to surprise me when I first see it. Over time I might come to love it – time has that effect, for sure. But the waiting can spoil some things.

This is why I can't wait for the next Matrix movie, or A Song Of Ice And Fire book.

I think there's some wisdom here, about the strange pain of fandom. I certainly see that the stuff with the most intense fandom also gathers the most hate.