The trick to a political ad is, you want to make it enough of a circus that it gets seen, but at the end, still makes someone want to vote for the candidate. It's a tough needle to thread.

And I think American politicians have not done particularly well. The circus has become so intense that it's possible you really need to sit down and listen to a candidate for an hour before you can really like them. Not in a debate, just, listen to what they think is important, how they talk. A good long form interview. And that would be time well spent!

But political ads are the tip of the sword, they're the tool used to get attention when otherwise people wouldn't bother. The best political ad of the year, if you ask me, is this rap video done in collaboration with / for the independent candidate and current mayor of Taipei, Ko Wenzhe (柯文哲):

Want to listen to a mayoral rap song? Of course you do.

I am sort of obsessed with this video, needless to say (link). By all rights this should be an embarrassing disaster. But it's actually a pretty solid rap song. And, more than that, his pitch – he can execute tough things better than others – is directly supported by the existence of the video. Is he doing the right thing? Well, he left the actual flow to a rapper, thank heavens. Shockingly few people in similar situations do. Marketing executives are always trying to get Ronald McDonald to spit fire. Stahhhhhp.

And the video was not just done right, it was done well. Dude can live up to campaign promises, at least for two and a half minutes of pretty catchy beats. I think it's pretty clear the campaign delegated everything about both the song and the video to people who are good at those things, and prudent delegation is a crucial skill set for the job. Even in America campaign ads are clearly lock-off shots, on-set audio, staring into camera, and slapped together in iMovie. This is a pretty standard rap video, which is unusually impressive.  

It's also worth noting the local government of Taipei is shockingly competent, maybe the most efficient local government I've ever interacted with. He'd get my vote, I think, and I don't even know any of his policies (man I hope he's not got terrible policies, these casual endorsements from ignorance could really be punishing for me).