It is possible we'll have a presidential election in America where no candidate is willing to condemn all ideologies with 8-figure body counts.

I don't know why. I cannot possibly comprehend this.

Don't get me wrong, I've worried about being too harsh on Sanders. It's a delicate balance – a Democrat on Left, Right and Center described him as a National Socialist, and he really did see the horrors of the Soviet Union first hand, so supporting their policies is... enough to condemn him quite strongly, I feel. But, there might be more to say, if he's simply an idiot, or if he's paying lip-service to monsters but supporting more mild policies. I have no idea why that would be appealing to people, but obviously I'm not a median American voter.

Recently someone pointed out (correctly) he used to support nationalizing various industries, and he took pains to correct the person's claim he had changed. He didn't endorse or oppose nationalization, but I think it was clear from his tone he wouldn't ever oppose it categorically.

I'm also utterly uninterested in the bizarre attempts to gaslight the public about Trump's remarks in the wake of the attack on Antifa protestors at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville. He wasn't referring to some third group of people, protesting some generic historical-statue point – he said "both sides". That means he was speaking about two sides. And the Unite the Right posters speak for themselves.

I hope, in my heart, that if those are the major party candidates America gets, that more people will join me in voting third party. There has to be a standard here, and "refuses to say ideologies that have killed tens of millions of people are wrong" has got to be below that standard.