America has a leader known for his... openness. He says whatever is on his mind. Is it the opposite of something he said just minutes prior? Is it casually endorsing a completely deranged conspiracy theory? Is it ignorant of facts he ought to know to do his job properly? That's not relevant – he will tell everyone whatever he's thinking. He's pure id.

Of course, with a manifestation of impulses, you can't merely say, "control your impulses" – he is beyond control, unless you're in Congress. But there is a common understanding of what it means to be a decent person that can work.

"Resist your impulses."

It doesn't mean everything he does is wrong. It isn't a reflexive rejection of everything he has to say. Not all instincts are wrong. But to follow them is a mistake. They are not a leader. They are dangerous, foolhardy, and will ensnare you if you aren't careful.