Cybermen are classic villains from Doctor Who. They are the inspiration for the Borg, and are basically emotionally numb, networked, people inside cybernetic armor. They are the philosophical terminus for the idea that your values don't matter if you're dead, and so first they optimize survival – not just for you, but for all intelligent creatures. You might be horrified by becoming part-machine, the monstrous form and mutilation of flesh. So they would numb your emotions. If you were upset, you might choose death, and death is Morally Wrong. They're villains – they are meant to highlight that survival-at-all-costs is... problematic, in the extreme. [Note: they can be used to explore other themes as well! But this is the one that I think is most interesting.]

But we've built a very strange life support system here on Spaceship Earth, and it is, in fact, seen as monstrous by many.

There are laws to blind us to that horror. Ag-Gag laws have pretty terrible First Amendment implications, and are occassionally shut down on that basis. But there are laws, preventing you from seeing the truth.

Now, let's not get too excited. The truth is that they use animals in the same way you'd use cookie dough, pushing them through machines to get a food product. There's not a surprise – there's no Veil of Agricultural Maya, where the real truth is untouchable. And I've seen videos of butchers doing their work – it doesn't truly bother me. And I'm skeptical of the extremely broad moral arguments for the least-sentient animals, plus I'm concerned that mass wild animal suffering, building a planet-sized zoo and extinction are the only true alternatives and I'm not convinced either of those is actually better than any factory farms for species as a whole. I don't think you should watch videos of animal abuse and swear off meat.

That being said: there seems to be no reason to shield ourselves from the truth. We would not want to be Cybermen. Let me be moved by my emotions. Let me be horrified. If that means I reject the life support system of earth, if that means I no longer have access to food, well, some things are more important than that, and I should be able to decide.

Of course, human survival being difficult in the face of a Cyberman civilization has always been a challenge. I have nothing to offer except saying that they always figure it out on the show.