Cash is a measure of the difference between value you provided and value you've claimed. Every once in a while I see people worry about rich people with hoarded cash as though that's a bad thing. All it means is they're running a surplus of value in their lives!

The weird thing is, there is plenty to dislike about insane rich people flaunting their wealth. I think the sort of abstract decadence we see a lot of these days is dangerous to the social fabric and characters of those indulging in it, as well as harming those that look up to a lifestyle where every minor whim is satisfied instantly. That's not a good life and we shouldn't value it particularly highly.

Even a more standard ostentatious wealth is tacky. To think the best way to spend money is on a fancy party boat is just stone cold stupid, but to each their own.

The thing is, you'd want people to be prudent with the influence money brings, be more willing to invest it, be more willing to wait and demonstrate patience for those that look up to them.

And hoards of cash do that! It also doesn't call in the efforts of society to service their ego like the luxury car customization does. It really is close to a best case scenario, if more valuable investments aren't available. And no matter what the state of the bond market is, it's possible valuable investments are hard enough to find that cash is much better. The optionality of cash lets them wait for the best investment, one that will compound into a sustainable venture that makes everyone it interacts with better off. And that's what we should all look for, in our economy.