Look, we're here for fun, right? This isn't my job, and even if it was, the job would be largely about writing, and not, ya know, being right about things. I hope to be thoughtful, and nice, but that's not always going to be the case. Sometimes my thoughts will be dumb. Sometimes my thoughts will be wrong.

That seems fine, to me. Like, I'd prefer to be right, but I also think that, given the base rate of exceptional failure in many massive media systems, some level of failure is acceptable. Moral, factual and epistemic problems aren't really even surprising anymore, so I'd like to say, I'm not necessarily better – except that I give myself a bit more space, so as a percentage, there's a chance I do a bit better than people who don't have space or time to think about things at all.

I've seen a lot of talk along the lines of "that's not cancel culture, that's just accountability", and I have to say, you might be taking conversation a bit too seriously. Sometimes I start sentences a couple times before finishing them. I've told ethnic jokes (lots about Polish people and Irish people, because that's so far behind my time that I find it even more humorous). I say dumb things in person. If online life is just an extension of real life, surely we all get saying dumb things, right? There's no editor here. It's just a guy typing things, and I guess you're reading them.

The stakes are low as can be, and forgiveness isn't just good, it's normal. So, someone says some bananas thing I disagree with. That happens in real life, and the normal result is to either not care, nod your head, and keep going, or just disagree.

Conversation just doesn't matter enough to justify 'consequences'. If people are polite, and just speaking for themselves, I guess I can't really figure out the issue.

Of course, if you tell me about how great Hitler was, I'm definitely not inviting you to another barbecue, because let's be real, my ideal life contains zero of that. But my ideal life also doesn't include tattling to someone's boss that their employee wouldn't be invited to my barbecue.