This is a news and society commentary website. I mostly talk about things like etiquette.

I'm not an expert on anything I write about here. Nothing is known to me to be false, and I feel the sting of embarrassment about being wrong quite strongly, but it's important to convey my lack of authority. I've considered, extremely seriously, not writing anything at all, for these reasons. But in the end I decided that nobody cares, and a world filled with only the intemperate voices would be worse than my own voice speaking (and my failure, along with them).

I care desperately about being a better person. Even now, I have so much left to improve on.

Every page (except this one) has a little link to help you email in your ideas. I think that's much healthier, don't you? We're just two people, here. But it's best not to look directly at a conversation, which is why I've made is very, very slightly easier to talk about specific things than general "about" pages.