I want to start applying some of the ideas from Harry Potter and the Sacred Text to A Song of Ice and Fire.

This is, arguably, the second-most indulgent piece of recreational-creation I've engaged in, and the number one on that list is so embarrassing that I'd be concerned if it wasn't a guilty pleasure. But I think the idea is worth exploring anyway.

I want to read each chapter of Game of Thrones (and perhaps the sequels, if I have the spirit) through a lens, apply some of the spiritual techniques mentioned on Harry Potter and the Sacred Text, and give blessings to people in the books. I feel that George RR Martin has created a world much more deeply troubled than JK Rowling, and more in need of blessing, but also one that withstands a tremendous amount of analysis – see my earlier comments about it being a fantastic introduction to literary appreciation.

The story isn't realistic – nothing we see around us resembles the contents – but the people act like people, and we can learn a lot from it. It can serve as a strange mirror and lens, a way to highlight ourselves and each other, and I hope I can do that with you.

I'll also have my own version of Owl Post, if you'd like to contribute – presumably called Trips to the Rookery. Hopefully I'll get enough diverse feedback that I can make posts with strong theming. If you reply (as all posts here prompt you to do at the end), and you aren't featured, know that it's only because others didn't provide a suitably matched context for you.

I'll make posts for each chapter in order, choosing the themes I use to examine the works before I start the re-reading. Hopefully this helps others get value from truly excellent literature.